Hi Guys,

Note: First of all let me tell you this not a “Get Rich Quickly” Programs or something. This is a site which is to help people get an Idea how to earn genuinely.

Well today I am going to help you on how to earn money online through various programs. Are you tired of all the spam’s and registration fees? Well let me tell you!! This is the right place to get some Ideas to earn money.  First of all I am also a person like you who was searching for an online money making website. But after long years of many trying I failed to get a genuine website which will actually pay the money for our Job. But later I found out that why to go and type in Google "How to earn money online" were the searching site Google itself is helping people to earn from online.. Yes!!! Don't get shocked because this is the fact... 

Many People are earning from Google Adsense. That's so nice isn't it? 

So let me tell you the process for getting a Google Adsense account.

Step No 1: Create a Gmail account.

Step No 2: Next start making a Good website. If you don't want to pay and get a site. Try some free website creating sites like Blogger which I am using now. Also WordPress is also a great site for making a New Website.

Step No 3: After making a good site. Choose the right name for your Website. This will be more catchy type of thing, where people can get in their Mind easily.

Step No 4: Now after the name choose what type of content that you’re going to place in your website like Nature, Animals, Business, Marketing, Troubleshooting PC and Mobiles, Etc....

Step No 5: Make the content simple and powerful. Don't use too much of pictures and other stuffs. But let it be simple with neat writings which people love to Read. (For help on how to make the content read my page called "How to Create a Good Content")

Step No 6: Once you are finished with your new website. Now try applying for the Google Ad-sense program. This is the important thing to earn money. (To know whether your website will be approved or Not, Please read my page on "Google Adsense Do's and Don'ts")

Step No 7: Once you're approved by Google for the Adsense account. Now start marketing your website through Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Etc... Now don't forget to tell your friends about your New Website. (For help on how to market your Website read my page on "Marketing Tips")

Step No 8: After finishing all the works, it’s time for you now to place the Right ads in the Right place. Now people try to fool others by placing the Ads in the mist of their Images so that they can get a good number of Views. But it is against the Laws and Rules of Google Ad-sense. Your account can also be suspended for these acts. (For more information on how to place Ads read my page on "Right Place for the Ads")

Step No 9: Now once people get to your Site and start clicking Ads. You will be paid for it. For more information on how to earn money through YouTube, Please check my Page on How to earn from "YouTube Videos"

Step No 10: Follow all these steps to make a Right Adsense account.